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Active Member Application - adamsimon - 02-12-2019

Hello members, if you are interested in the Active Member user-group then please read this entire thread carefully. Failure to comply with the proper format will lead to your application being declined, there is no excuse for incorrect format.

So what is Active Member?
Active member is the first user based upgrade which is available to all members, the group is designed to be given to members who are, as the name suggests active. This means that you post new content on a regular basis and are an active member of the community. This group however cannot be reached with likes as Contributor & Ultimate can, Active Member is achieved by application only. 

How do I apply and what should I include?
Applications for Active Member should be posted HERE

The formatting and effort of your thread will have a huge impact on our decision, people who put very little effort into their thread will be declined even if they meet the requirements. There is only a lose format of what you should include, feel free to broaden your application by including information not listed below. Initiative is a great thing to have. You must include the following:
  • You should put your title as "Your Username - Active Member Application"
  • Your experience & skill, this can include anything from cracking to coding as long as it's relevant to our board.
  • A list of what you think are your most HQ threads.

What are the requirements for Active Member?
Active Member has very little requirements that are needed to obtain the rank but please note; just because you meet all the listed requirements doesn't mean you're guaranteed to be accepted. Staff do not need to justify why you were declined, it's your job to figure out why and how to become more likely to be accepted. Here is a list of soft requirements:
  • At least 2 days online time
  • At least 25 posted threads
  • A thread to post ratio of below 1:4
  • A warning level of 0%
  • Not a leecher. You can find information about this HERE

What to not include in your application & is it permanent?
You are free to post whatever you want in your application but we recommend to not include any of the following details:
  • Any real information about yourself, this includes name, country or ethnicity.
  • Any threads where you shared a single account, if this is your most HQ thread then you are not eligible for Active Member.

Active Member is a  permanent rank as long as you are active, if you happen to go inactive it's likely that you will lose your rank and be converted back to your default rank. Whether this be a paid, like-goal or default member.

Thank you for reading and best of luck with your application !